hello every body

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new look

hello every body i wold like to show you my new look it's very stylish and modern in the same time it more added with the classic and the style aether , as you see the hat is suitable size of the shirt and the shoes also , beside the dark black jeans is  special especially the way it sewn sees with hight quality it given an infernal beauty , i hope my describe make your know my great outfits 


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welcome to wholesale

hello everyone, at the beginning i m going to speak about one piece of outfit , as you see up down the perfect dark blue jacket with the hands in grey gives a wonderful look and especially the way it sewn seen with hight quality of tissue it s original jeans, beside it seems go with everything and we also can wear it in fourth seasons , plus the cap aether , you can remove it such you ca keep it , and last and not least the color blue and grey are verry matching with each other, and the thing more important is the price isn't expensive at all , so i advise you check it and find out more beautiful things, finally hope you like it as i did , and wishing you a good Christmas!

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