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so now i'm gonna describe of new Bluedio T2 Over-ear Foldable Stereo Microphone Multi-devices Connection Bluetooth Headphone Bass Stereo Foldable Microphone AUX V4.1 Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone 7 Samsung S7

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 today is the time to describe my wonderful outfits which from  "sammydress" the better websites ever , and appreciate aether , so let s start by the  jeans   with the blue colour  " dark Marin blue" is special with the writing on it diamond which mean something precious and gorgeous too , beside the perfect bronw  shoes  in the tricks gives an infernal beauty , especially the way it designed s more attractive... and last and not least the white last perfect t-shirt also from sammydress

Hi my lovers new of glassesshop  đź’™đź’śđź’š
If you’re like me and wear glasses, sometimes you get a little bored wearing the same pair day in and day out.  I’ve worn glasses for so long I almost feel naked when I don’t have them on!
A few weeks ago I received a pair of complimentary glasses from I would have never thought to  purchase glasses onlineSince I wear specs 90% of the time I wanted to wear them for a few weeks to give them an honest review.
When I received the package in the mail I opened the box.  I  found a lightweight case holding the glasses and a cleaning cloth. I loved the way the glasses looked, but would I like the style on me?

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Well, this is my first spinner, and just let me say, it is very good. On my first moderate spin I got 2:02 spin time, which is pretty good considering this was only about 3$  5$ out of my pocket. Yes soinner itself is very attractive in color and shape. Weight wise, it has a solid weight, around 2-3oz. The only problem with the spinner I have is that the outer bearings are very squeaky. While spinning, it is very satisfying, and if you try to change its axis, it has what seems like a slight, yet 'comfortable' resistance. Overall 4/5: Great Spinner! Squeakyness is not too appreciated...if I could fix this then

but I've always thought they looked cool. After keeping it on my desk, it's fun to fidget with and is kind of meditative to watch and hold.

It comes in a no-frills box, with covers for the center bearing on each side for a smoother hold. Straight out of the box, the plastic is smooth to the touch and almost slippery. Mold lines are around the perimeter so you don't feel them much, and burrs are at a minimum. It's small enough to hold between your thumb and index finger and spin freely. I have fairly large hands and never had a clearance issue. The bearings on the outside seem to be for weight only...they do spin, but I'm not sure how you'd use them to spin it for periods of time. I can barely get it spinning by holding an outer bearing in my index and thumb. Not a lot of clearance there.

Spin times aren't spectacular, but are decent. I've included two videos of it spinning, one on a hard surface and the other "in hand" and I would say the times are a good representation of average spin times. Not sure how well the sound will come through but it's got a little hum 

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